Sunshine Flyrides. A first in Canada

Sunshine Flyrides. A first in Canada

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Sunshine Flyrides Incorporated is a vision of Philippe Hébert. Philippe is excited to bring his passion for active sport to the beautiful waters of the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia and is eager to share this passion with the Coast community, the lower mainland of British Columbia, and beyond.

Philippe developed a thirst for adrenaline at an early age growing up in a small town north of Quebec City, Quebec. He immersed himself in active sports such as motocross, hockey, sky-diving, skiing and water sports. As a young adult, Philippe trained and worked as an elevator technician – one of the most regulated occupations for safety within the construction industry. In short, he has worked, played and surrounded himself with energy and zeal all his life.

Buoyed by the emerging active sport trends on the Coast, such as mountain biking, kite surfing and climbing lounges to name a few, Philippe feels that the time is ripe to introduce this exhilarating watersport on the Sunshine Coast he now calls home. Primarily operating at one location – the more sheltered waters of PORPOISE BAY on the SECHELT INLET  OR THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE FOR GROUPS – Philippe will literally take you to new heights flyriding or flyboarding! But the beauty of Sunshine Flyrides is that it is mobile, and Philippe’s services and equipment can be made available just about anywhere there’s water: FOR CORPORATE EVENTS, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, FOR ENTERTAINING VISITORS, FOR FAMILY GATHERINGS, OR WHENEVER YOU WANT A UNIQUE AND FUN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER.

Philippe has been trained and certified through Alexandre Barreira of Flyboard Quebec for both Flyriding and Flyboarding. He will introduce enthusiasts of all ages and experience to these watersports, using his knowledge and expertise for whatever duration of session you choose. He will ensure that the session runs smoothly, helping you to develop a flying agility quicklyand attain a unique experience that you can remember.

As the founder and CEO of Sunshine Flyrides, Philippe is no stranger to entrepreneurial spirit. He and life and business partner, Pamela Jones, co-own and operate Sunshine Float & Integrated Health on Dolphin Street in Sechelt. At the centrethey have 2 floatation units and a 2-person infrared sauna. Floatation therapy is when one is immersed in a sensory-deprived environment in the float unit. The float unit containsafoot of water (1000 litres) and a thousand pounds of epsom salts.Pamela herself is a Registered Massage Therapist with a dynamic approach, incorporating her 5 years of manual Osteopathy training. To learn more, please visit

Philippe’s vision is to present a unique experience on the beautiful Sunshine Coast with Sunshine Flyrides and Sunshine Float & Integrated Health to create memorable moments sharedwith your family and/or friends.

Sunshine Flyrides is an opportunity that can’t be missed!


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